Uniswap is a decentralized exchange rising star in the crypto industry.
To understand why it’s important to have a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, we need to go back and see how many centralized exchanges we’re hacked in the past:

Mt.gox – about 850,000 bitcoins were stolen from the exchange back in 2013.
Bitstamp – 2014, about 19,000 bitcoins we’re stolen after the hackers got in to the exchange system by malicious mail that was opened by one of the employees.
BTER – 2014 – 7170 Bitcoin we’re stolen.
Bitfinex – 2015 – 120,000 Bitcoin we’re stolen from the exchange.

And more in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and we know it will happen again in the 2021…

You get the point. Centralized exchanges are more convenient for trading but it means you need to deposit your precious coins in their hands and wish they will not lose them.
Uniswap is different, you trade within your cold storage wallet without the need to send your coins to the exchange, it’s an amazing way to trade with a piece in mind and that’s why Uniswap became so popular in the last 2 years.

What is Uniswap – UNI?
UNI is the token symbol of Uniswap exchange, they created that token to create profitability to Uniswap system and users that hold UNI token can influence over key decisions that Uniswap protocol will decide in the future, making it flexible and government-ed by the actual users and not only the owners.

UNI token has a great potential to grow in the future because Uniswap is getting more popular every day with a reported daily volume of almost 1 billion dollars (January 2021).

However, not everything is perfect with Uniswap exchange nor it’s token UNI for the following reasons:

  1. You cannot place buy or sell orders through Uniswap, meaning you need to make the swap when the price is right and not be able to catch real lows or highs through long buy or sell orders. that is a big disadvantage comparing to centralized exchanges.
  2. Fees – the fees in Uniswap can go through the roof for making one swap, it was reported that on Jan 2021, gas fees between 40-120$ a swap were not considered unusual. That is something that if they wont find a solution for it, could end the decentralized exchanges popularity.
  3. UNI token – they issued so many from it (about 1 billion coins) that it is very hard to make profits from it when there’s so many coins out there.

To sum it up:
Uniswap exchange concept is amazing and that is the future for crypto – defending coin owners from getting their money stolen with the fault of the centralized exchanges.
If Uniswap exchange will find a solution to place buy and sell orders with lower fees and burn some of their token supply, that will make their exchange and token – Perfect.

Bitcoin Pro – BTCP is one of the few coins that can actually make a difference, max supply of only 2.1 million coins, fast, low fees, making it an interesting investment for the future along with UNI token.

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